The Perfect Tour to Turkey: What You Can Find


A common scam of some taxi drivers in Istanbul is that when you pay, they quickly change the ticket you have given them for one of less value and tell you that you have made a mistake and pay them again. This has happened to me twice and it is quite unpleasant because these taxi drivers can get very aggressive if you refuse to pay them again. So, in the end, you end up doing it with the helplessness that you are being ripped off and you know it. It is also common for there to be adulterated taximeters that go at lightning speed or for the taxi driver to take an unnecessary detour so that you end up paying him more. If you feel that something is not right, we recommend that you stop the taxi and get off as soon as possible.

Do we need a visa to travel to Turkey?

It depends on your country. Until very recently, it was necessary for Spaniards to obtain a visa to travel to Turkey. But recently, some countries in the Schengen zone (including Spain) have been exempted from visas. It is best that you check if you need a visa or not before planning your trip to Turkey. In the event that you do need a visa, you can get it online in a few minutes. The visa to Turkey is valid for 90 days in a period of 180. That is, you could stay 3 months within a period of 6. If you decide to stay longer, you would have to obtain a residence permit. 

What currency is used?

In Turkey the Turkish lira is used. The good news for you (if you don’t charge in lira, of course) is that it has declined a lot in recent years, so if you carry EUR, everything is much cheaper than before. The first time we visited Turkey, one euro was equal to about 2.5 TRY. Right now, one EUR is about 7.5 TRY (and it’s still down), so if you have EUR, everything is much cheaper than before. As a part of the Made in Turkey Tours you will have all the information.

How to dress in Turkey

One thing that will surprise you about Turkey is how stylish the girls are and how pretty the people are in general. The truth is that it is a somewhat superficial country. Physical appearance is given a lot of importance and the streets of Istanbul come to resemble a real catwalk. You will see that the city is very modern and that most of the people dress as they want. Depending on the neighborhood of Istanbul you visit, you will see that the women are more or less covered. As a general rule, you can take whatever you want. However, if you are traveling to Turkey alone and want to avoid unwanted attention, we would recommend dressing discreetly. Also, the dress code to enter mosques is stricter and you will need to cover your head, shoulders, and legs. If you don’t wear the right clothes, they usually give you something at the entrance to cover yourself (but be careful, which is usually ugly and dirty clothes).

Although you will see some women dressed in black and covered up to the eyes, you have to know that in general, they are not Turkish. There is a lot of Arab tourism and it is these women who cover themselves the most.


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