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Our Ourika valley day trip Departing from Marrakech one the Ourika Valley is one of the most popular excursions not only for tourists but also for locals who want to change their air for a day and admire the splendid landscapes of the Haut -Atlas. To guide you on your expedition or your ride, Made in Marrakech tells  you everything you need to know before hitting  the road.

60 km south east of Marrakech, in the direction of the Atlas Mountains of course.

How to getthere ?

It will take you about an hour from Marrakech

  • By car:follow the Ourika road
  • By grand taxi: count from 1500 to 4000 Dh per way
  • By booking an organized excursion including taxi and guide (priceaccording to agencies)

What to see?

– At km 34, do not hesitate to stop at Douar Tnine Ourika. This central village in the region welcome severy Monday a large souk where the in habitants of neighboring hamlets come to negotiate their harvests and buy every day products. The folk and authenticat mosphere will immediately put you in the bath.

– On the road, you will follow the banks of the wadi and its shaded meadows. The surrounding greenery and the ocher of the earth form astonishing landscapes in which one can see small houses on the side of mountains and hills.

– The Setti-Fatma waterfalls:from the small village, you will easily find the first waterfall where there are obviously many people. For the following ones, you will need to venture a little more. You can still make swimming stops in the very cool water of the river.

When to go

– Seasonality: all year. Summer to find freshness, in autumn to enjoy the lowsun and flam boyant colors, in winter to be able to take long walks alone, or in spring to see the fields in bloom, the villagers on their land and the wheat ready to becut.

– Time tables:it is better to leave early in the morning to enjoy the who leday. Especially if you want to hike at your own pace.

Should we take a guide?

It all depends on what you want to do and what you want. The guide is not compulsory but can however enlighten you according to your walking qualities, your desires …

You canalso use an agency to organize the daywith transport, guide and lunch with the locals.

What to take with you?

Better to bring good walking shoes, a hat to cut the sun, a bottle of water per person, his swim suit and his camera of course!

Where to have lunch?

It is possible to choose according to the tastes of each. Many water front restaurants offer tagines and other grills. You can also plan a picnic or see with your guide for lunch with the locals.

What about children?

They too can come with you. They can swim in the river or even follow you on a hike thanks to the muleteers who offer their service. A donkey ride in the Atlas, the discovery of the marrakchies campaigns and a lunch with the locals, they are not ready to forget this moment!

This is your chance to explore one of the Most three valleys Marrakech which can help you to forget the noise of the City.

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