How to optimize your pizza delivery?


Offering food delivery is one of the best ways to build market and expand customer base. One need to efficiently handle orders to deliver food on time or else it could lead to major disadvantages. At times, it becomes frustrating for operators and managers to divide time and responsibilities for delivery. Hire a licensed, insured and properly trained delivery driver to make things easier. Here are some tips to make food delivery an efficient process for your business.

Get your POS system updated

You need to keep your point of sale (POS) system upgraded in order to have an efficient delivery process and support the whole system. Arrange a dedicated order-taking area and phone number, so that there is no disturbance from dine-in customers and you can hear orders clearly. Once you set up your delivery process, you need to keep eye on POS system, so that you get all the details such as on-time deliveries, late arrivals, time to get an order, and time spent on the road, etc. Use these parameters to modify and improve your delivery process, so that you can meet customer expectations.

Create an app

You can accept phone orders and online placed via website. Creating mobile apps let you to maintain your delivery business, as customers are keen to know when they getting the order. Make use of latest technologies to track the performance of delivery persons and improvise your food ordering process.

Develop Payment modes

How are customers going to pay for their order? Set a method for acceptable forms of payment, so that your customers know what to expect. Print the receipt stating how much amount to be charged, what type of payment mode to accept, and the amount of change they need to carry, etc. If you prefer online payment, then credit card payments are easy to handle.

Consider driver safety

Apart from standard driving training and license, your delivery guy should be advised about speed limit, and other rules and regulations, such as yield to pedestrians and wearing seatbelts. Ensure they’ve phone, so that they can contact you in case of emergencies and thefts. Train your delivery person to be presentable, friendly, and polite in order to get a positive reaction from your customer that would flourish your business.

Once you’ve set everything, ensure to advertise it in the website, print ads, and social media, so that customers will know about your outlet. Promos and discount codes, like Double Pizza special offers can pull great crowd.

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