Cube Steaks: How to Work with Them?


Cube steaks are interesting cuts that don’t get the fame they deserve. However, the cub steak had its fan base even before kitchen budgets became tight. This cut has remained a wallflower among meat cuts. Although a bit mysterious, this steak has no pretension. Keep reading to learn more about cube steaks and how to work with them. Don’t forget to visit Rib N Reef to order delectable steaks:

What Exactly are Cube Steaks?

Cube steak gets a bad reputation for being a low-end cut; however, this reputation is not warranted. Cube steak looks similar to ground beef, the number one selling beef in the industry. Cube steak is obtained from the round or rear end of cattle, so it is often top round or sirloin. That’s why it can be a little tougher than other beef cuts. This beef cut is tenderized manually or with a tenderizing machine to get its popular marks on the top that makes it look like ground beef. Also, cube steak has a different texture from ground beef. If not cooked right, it can be chewy. However, when cooked properly, it can give you a tender and flavorful country fried steak, burgers, and other delicious dishes.

Cooking Cube Steak

You have many options in terms of how to cook cubed steaks. Also, you have many ways to cook them.

If you will cook cube steak for the first time, you may be a little lost with what to do with it. But, the key to cooking this cut is to keep it as tender as possible. This will prevent the final product from becoming chewy. Some people like to bake their cube steak; however, experts don’t recommend this method.

In terms of cub steak, sautéing provides your steak lots of room away from each other in a pan with a bit of oil to keep them tender while being cooked. This is a great way to prepare cub steak in gravy, letting the mixture cook slowly and works its way into the meat. Also, cube steak is best when pan-fried, especially when making country fried steaks. Just heat up oil and give the steaks a few minutes on every side to cook. Wait until the breading gets browned and crispy. Lastly, braising begins with a good sear and ends with a slow cook that tenderizes the meat. This is the best method if you plan to put steaks in the slow cooker for an all-day cook with gravy.

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