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Hi I’m Kelly!

kel and kids


If you’re here, I’m guessing you love to travel just as much as I do….and who doesn’t?! Travelling gives us a sense of freedom, ignites our creativity, broadens our horizons (literally!), educates and inspires us and opens our world up to new and exciting experiences.

That’s why I get itchy feet when I’m in one place for too long….I yearn to see the whole world, and it’s my mission to take my 3 children to as many different countries, cities, villages and beaches as I can whilst they’re still kids. This is how my children learn, being home-educated, our whole world is their ‘classroom’ and it’s amazing.

I also know how tricky/tiring and stressful it can be when planning a trip with children or when being in a whole new place with your kids. Any routine you had goes out the window and this can sometimes be too much for children, depending how adaptable to change they are. That’s why I create helpful guides for family travellers so you can prepare, well in advance, and take a lot of the stress away to ensure you have a memorable journey.

As well as travelling and helping my kids learn on the go, I try to live a mindful life. Meditation helps me with this.  I believe that everything we do affects somebody, somewhere and each act of kindness makes the world a better place. I’m a vegan and so are 2/3 of my children because we love animals and nature and I just cannot play a part in another life being taken away for another’s gain. It’s against my morals.

I try not to take life too seriously and I love to laugh, you’ll hopefully get my sense of humour in some of my posts. Life’s not always easy, no matter how much meditating one does, and you may notice me rant from time to time!

As well as travel tips and guides,  you’ll find blog posts on our journeys, what it’s like travelling as a solo parent and living mindfully.

I hope my website will inspire you, entertain you and help you on your travels! It’s an exciting time we’re living in and we’re here, now, a part of it- let’s make the most of it!

Where next?

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