5 Savory Side Dishes To Try With Smoked Meat


Side dishes are as important as the main course and finding the right one can be quite tricky, especially when you’ve so many options to choose from. They help enhance the taste of the meat and also give you a fully satisfying gut. While you may feel confused as to which side dish to opt for, the following suggestions can help you make the best choice. 

Corn pudding 

This amazing southern dish is a must-have with smoked meat, regardless of the meat type. A creamy, gooey casserole, corn pudding is the perfect choice for heavy eaters, as it’s both thick and caloric. Your sausages or steaks can’t find a better companion on a happening Friday night when you need an extra punch of energy into your system. It’s also the best kind of comfort food, which can make all the stress go away in a jiffy. 

Baked beans (Southern style)

Home-baked beans, as they are popularly known, can go a long way to make you feel complete at your meals. While most delis use canned navy beans to prepare this side dish, it’s the brand that defines the taste. The side dish is smokey, savoury and yummilicious to taste. You can easily devour it with a chunk of meat and a glass of wine on a tiring weeknight. 

Potato salads

We all love to have a bit of carb to go with our regular smoked meat, don’t we? What best source of carbs than potatoes can appease our hungry guts as well as our guilt-ridden, diet-conscious mind? Further, it’s way better than processed food and refined sugar any day. You may order a plateful of southern potato salad or smoked Chantilly potatoes to go with your choice of meat and a glass of beer (or whiskey). 

Grilled watermelon salad

This is one of the best salads that you can have if you don’t want to let loose on your dietary regime. It’s lighter, healthier and balances the heavier menu of smoked meat and cheesy dishes. You’ll be glad to know that it also feels amazing on your taste buds and won’t make you feel deprived of deliciousness. 

Caesar salad

One of the commonest side dishes to have with smoked meat, the Caesar salad is a delectable Italian side dish prepared with parmesan cheese, Worcestershire sauce (or any other variety), mustard and lemon juice. It can also be taken as the main meal, especially if you’re planning to go low on those calories. Monday evening or Friday nights, this amazing, savoury side dish enhances the taste of your meat to a great extent. 


Many restaurants will have their selection of side dishes that you may order with your regular meat. Some delis like restaurant viande fumée Jarry have a whole lot of unique side dishes and homemade items to go with your choice of meat. All you have to do is ask, and they will get just the right thing for you. After all, it’s the end experience that matters the most, right?  


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